undeletable memories...

the most scariest roller coaster…

In building, danger on May 3, 2009 at 6:24 pm

these two are from US and Japan….dare to try???

**do check this also guys…



  1. whiooooo

  2. wow, i shall go on these roller coasters!

  3. I went on the dragster, and i have one message: DO NOT GO ON IT!!! It is the scariest ride ever, but once you have gone on it, it is still scary!

    • really hope can go there…

      • Fucking asshole cunt penis dick shit gay pussy asshole pubic hair

    • k yo ima girl 12 year old and i went on it like a month ago .. its sick ..if u dont go on it ull regret it ..comeon go on it and wen u tell ur friends theyll think ur awesome XD

  4. holy lord thats kool

  5. WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO GO THERE!?!?!? and the one that goes underwater… wow! (yikes!!!)

  6. what r u stupid why would you have a roller foster go in to water

    • you are a stupid inconsiderate mean girl ive been on that ride and it is awsom and 100 million percent safe

  7. OMG! that looks super scary!! :O from top you just go straight down!

  8. I believe that i will go crazy if i ever went on that roller coaster

  9. that roller coaster looks super scary but you knw what i bet that its the most funnest thing there and im soooo gonna go on it one day!!!! :):):):):):):):)):):):):):)::):) lol!!!!!!!!!1


  11. Mah

  12. looks scary

  13. Wow This Awsome…man..,Lve to ride one of those monster speed demom..well done..

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