undeletable memories...

the most scariest roller coaster…

In building, danger on May 3, 2009 at 6:24 pm

these two are from US and Japan….dare to try???

**do check this also guys…



  1. whiooooo

  2. wow, i shall go on these roller coasters!

  3. I went on the dragster, and i have one message: DO NOT GO ON IT!!! It is the scariest ride ever, but once you have gone on it, it is still scary!

    • really hope can go there…

      • Fucking asshole cunt penis dick shit gay pussy asshole pubic hair

    • k yo ima girl 12 year old and i went on it like a month ago .. its sick ..if u dont go on it ull regret it ..comeon go on it and wen u tell ur friends theyll think ur awesome 😄

  4. holy lord thats kool

  5. WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO GO THERE!?!?!? and the one that goes underwater… wow! (yikes!!!)

  6. what r u stupid why would you have a roller foster go in to water

    • you are a stupid inconsiderate mean girl ive been on that ride and it is awsom and 100 million percent safe

  7. OMG! that looks super scary!! :O from top you just go straight down!

  8. I believe that i will go crazy if i ever went on that roller coaster

  9. that roller coaster looks super scary but you knw what i bet that its the most funnest thing there and im soooo gonna go on it one day!!!! :):):):):):):):)):):):):):)::):) lol!!!!!!!!!1


  11. Mah

  12. looks scary

  13. Wow This Awsome…man..,Lve to ride one of those monster speed demom..well done..

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