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Lamborghini Madura…

In car, lamborghini on January 27, 2010 at 11:06 pm

The Lamborghini Madura concept is the work of Slavche Tanevsky. The design project was created in collaboration with Lamborghini’s and Audi’s designers, and is a proposal for the first hybrid Lamborghini that is scheduled for a 2016 launch. Keeping in line with Lambo’s naming heritage, this one also has a bull fighting connection, albeit an Indonesian one. Madura is an Indonesian island famous for bull races.

The Lambo hybrid sticks to the brand’s performance and good looking basics, and gets a sleek and more aggressive profile. The hybrid powertrain is mounted up front, where the car has huge air intakes, a curvaceous hood and slim headlights…

  1. nice bro…….same post. he…he…
    thanks to visit my blog.

    • totally copy from yours..btw,congrats for the name of that model…U should be proud rite…
      **MADURA<–nice name

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